The final price is always set individually according to the agreement with the customer. The price is always determined on the basis of an analysis of the problem, according to the proposed price the customer can decide whether he wants to implement the service intervention or not.

Something missing in the price list? Not sure how much the requested repair will cost? Contact us!

Basic service work

Problem diagnosis (all service operations)

free of charge in case of repair

Problem diagnosis - small electronics

290 CZK (unrealised repair)

Problem diagnosis - PC, notebook, hard drive faults

from 699 CZK (unrealised repair)

Unvirus your computer

from 990 Kč

Data rescue

from 990 Kč

Data backup and recovery

according to data volume

Reinstalling the operating system, including updating drivers

990 Kč

PC acceleration with warranty

950 Kč

Purchase and commissioning of a new computer or laptop

from 990 CZK + price of computer

Design and assembly of a new computer according to the client's requirements

individual price (according to time spent and hourly service rate)

Cleaning dust and dirt from your computer

from 990 CZK (depending on the difficulty of cleaning)

Cleaning dust and dirt from your laptop

from 990 CZK (depending on the difficulty of cleaning)

PC and laptop cleaning including hot conductive paste replacement

from 990 CZK (depending on the difficulty of cleaning)

Cleaning a functional keyboard

350 Kč

Installing a WiFi network - selecting and setting up a router

from 690 CZK + price of router

Upgrade your computer (RAM, HDD, SSD) without installing the OS

from 990 CZK + price of components

Replacing the hard drive in a computer or laptop without installing the OS

450 CZK + price of the disc

Replacing the operating memory in a computer

450 CZK + price of RAM module

Rental and lending of laptops


EET pokladny a řešení

EET cash registers and solutions

Multi-service packages

Laptop upgrade + cleaning the laptop from dust

1450 Kč

Cleaning the laptop from dust + reinstalling the operating system

1650 Kč

Computer upgrade + computer dust cleaning

1450 Kč

Replacing the hard drive + reinstalling Windows + transferring data

from 1600 CZK + price of the disc

SSD installation + Windows reinstallation + data transfer

from 1600 CZK + price of the disc

Training for PC work

Total price according to the scope of training


Each started 1/2 hour of training CZK

300 Kč

Last price update: 9. 6. 2022

The final price for the work performed may differ from the quoted prices, but the difference in price is usually no more than 10%. We will always provide you with the price after an initial analysis of the problem. If you do not agree with the price, we will return the equipment. If we are unable to repair the device (virus removal, data rescue), you pay nothing.

We offer an initial consultation of the problem free of charge, so if you have any questions not only about the price of the service work, do not hesitate to contact us.