Remote help

Thanks to remote assistance, we can carry out quick service interventions from any location. Let’s schedule an appointment using QuickSupport.

Please download the AnyDesk app first before starting an online meeting.

How remote assistance works


Arrange a convenient day and time with our service technician for an online appointment.


Please download the AnyDesk app before the meeting. This remote assistance app is not installed directly on your device. Once downloaded, it simply starts and allows remote access.


When you start AnyDesk, a one-time user ID and password are automatically created. You don't need to write down this information, it will be visible to you as long as the application is running.


You provide the service technician with the displayed ID and a one-time password. You then confirm access to your computer.


During the entire service intervention of the technician on your computer, you will be able to follow all his actions as if he was right there with you. So you can see exactly what he is doing and he can explain and clarify his process.


Once the task is successfully completed, you will turn off the app and will no longer be able to connect to your device.

Is it safe to remotely manage my computer?

While a service technician is connected to your computer, you can see what they are doing as if they were sitting right next to you. So he or she can’t perform any actions that you can’t see. You can ask the technician at any time exactly what he or she is doing and why. If you are not connected by phone, AnyDesk offers chat between the connected and guest user as a communication channel. The moment you close the application, all connections are dropped and no one can connect to you remotely without your knowledge and permission.

Collecting personal data

We do not collect any personal or contact information about you during a remote assistance session. All communication is encrypted and we only exchange unique numeric codes that cannot identify you.

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